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      The Hoodoo Conjure Doll service is performed using a conjure doll also know as a poppet or voodoo doll.  The target is represented by the doll which is dressed with hoodoo root oils and powders.  This service can be performed for any purpose: love, money, success, cleansing, healing etc. Use this service to REMOVE ROOT WORK that has been placed on you or someone you know.

      Note:  This service offers a choice of ONE or TWO conjure dolls.  Each target needs to be represented by a conjure doll. If more than two dolls are needed please email us for pricing and instructions.

      • Choice of one fixed hoodoo conjure doll or two fixed hoodoo conjure dolls
      • Consecration of the altar
      • Offerings of tobacco and liquor
      • Incense
      • Dressed/fixed molded wax candle (type varies according to our choice) 
      • Parchment ritual seal
      • Burn analysis and recommendation
      • Emailed photos 10 - 12 
      In the petition box enter the name, gender and birth date of the person(s) who the ritual is for along with a very brief description on what you want the outcome to be. An email confirmation of your scheduled date along with a request for any additional information needed will be sent to you. Photos of your ritual are emailed within a week from the date your service was performed.

      Send all photos (limit of 2) in a SEPARATE EMAIL, not in a thread.
      Send as an ATTACHMENT only
      Send in JPEG FORMAT no larger than 80 KB

      NOTE: All photos remain the exclusive COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY of Setting Lights Inc. you may not reproduce, share, copy or post any photos of this service. 

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    • Variant: Conjure Doll Service (One Doll)