Group Beeswax Ritual Service - Chinese New Year 2024


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      CHINESE NEW YEAR 2024 BEESWAX CANDLE RITUAL:  Year of the Dragon bestows upon us the gifts of being charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful and naturally lucky in all aspects of our lives. Be powerful. Be confident. Know which path to choose and embrace the ability to move forward in a positive way.  The Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning of a new year and represents the desire for a new life, while ushering in luck and prosperity on a very personal level. It is a time to reflect and celebrate a year of hard work as well as wish for a prosperous and luck-filled future in the year ahead. It is a time to be blessed with extraordinary powers within ourselves to achieve success, love, luck and prosperity.
      - Group Ritual Service will be performed on Saturday February 10th 2024
      - 100% Beeswax stick candle for each individual (one per order) If you have more than one person you'll need to order multiply services to cover each person.
      - Client's name written on the New Year's 2024 parchment petition (one name per order)
      Follow up in store Candle Burning Service using the original ritual seal (Special 9-DAY 100% Beeswax glass cylinder candle (shared group candle)
      Photos of group ritual service will be posted on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram
      - Offer ends February 10th at 12:00 Noon CST

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