Candle Burning Services

Candle Burning Services

If you lack the confidence or the privacy to perform your own candle burning, we will do it for you. All candles are dressed and prepared with spiritual oils and herbal powders and then prayed over. Your candles will be burned on one of the many altars we have in our store. Your petition, written on parchment paper, will be placed under the candle while it burns. An email will be sent to you letting you know the exact starting date your candle.



To received a Candle Report you must choose that option when ordering. Candle Burning Reports are sent to the email address you have provided on your order. The report will be emailed within one week after your candle has expired. To view a sample candle report simply go to the menu and click on Sample Candle Report .

Each Candle Burning Service with Report that you order comes with ONE CANDLE REPORT regardless of the length of time you have chosen to burn your candle.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide updates on candles while they are burning.

--- How To Send A Photo ---

Send your photo as a SEPARATE EMAIL as an attachment in JPEG FORMAT. Make sure you include the name and email address used on the original order. DO NOT send us a copy of your order, we already have that. Only 2 photos are allowed. Photos must be sent very small (around 70 KB each).