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Welcome to Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc. owned and operated by Miss Alice with assistance from Frank Papa (EST. 1992)


Over 30 years of serving our clients the very best in spiritual products and services.

Originally known as the Mojo Specialist, Miss Alice and Frank Papa are spiritual merchants who between them have over 60 years of knowledge and experience in the preparation of faith based products and spiritual services. Our products have repeatedly been proven helpful to spiritualist and other practitioners when dealing with their client’s day to day spiritual problems.

Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc. would like to thank all their customers for sending in testimonials on the products and services they thought deserved a special compliment and a few words of praise. Below are some of those testimonials we would like to share with you. If you have a testimonial you would like posted just send it to our email address.

Hi Miss Alice, I received shipment this morning. I love them, the aroma tingles my senses. Thanks for the experiences I have felt and what I am about to experience in the near future. Kind regards Clarise.C. 

Hello Miss Alice, I have bought some great products from you. I have bought a love binding ritual and have bought some other candles to go along with it. Things between me and this person are going much much better....I wanted to also let you know that I have referred several friends to your site and to be honest I have felt so much better by doing this work on my own that it's helped me stay positive. So Thank you so much! Annette L.

I received my physic and cast off evil oil today. Wow…--,,,,,,''''"@@@@@@ Brilliant product. I thank the ALMIGHTY I found you both. Praise the lord Diane C.

Miss Alice and Rev Papa I received the bath today; I do not need to remind you how excellent your products are. I just want to relax and enjoy them from now, because I am speechless. Please keep praying for me. Kind regards Lisa T.

To whom this may concern, I got a testimonial and a question at the end, all in one. First of all I would like to say that I ordered a Gambler's Fast Luck Mojo Bag and I can hardly believe how amazing this thing worked for me. I play scratch offs and I was winning on just about every single ticket I bought at any store I went. I won about $400 in just a three (3) week period. I mean I won $100, $75, $50, $40, $30, $25 etc. all adding up to $400 in about 3 weeks. I strongly believed in my mojo bag and surely my mojo was working...it was a "WOW" factor almost every time....All I know is this really works and I want to get my mojo working. The monies I won truly paid for the money I purchased the mojo bag for and I'm thankful to my mojo bag and you as a business who brought my mojo to me. Thank you, Lisa J. 

Greetings Mama Alice and Papa Doc Hooo-mammmmmmm excellent. I received 2 oils and three books. Out of words. I am so happy, thanks. Barbara M.

Greetings Mama Alice and Rev. Papa Doc I received my xxx Protection oil today and I will always thank you all for making true oils for God's children. With true respect Shamika L.

Hello Miss Alice, I want to let you know...that I received the first order. The package arrived today. John the conquer oil...smells so good. I am waiting for my little ones to take a nap so I can really see all the things that I got and read the instructions for the rituals. Thank you so, so much, Dorina 

Dear Rev. Frank Papa Doc and Miss Alice, I placed my first order with you last Monday and I wanted to say how impressed I am. Your products are far more superior to my previous supplier and I received my order quickly which is essential for my practice. I just wanted to say thank you and I shall definitely be ordering from you again! Blessings and favor Connie B.

Hi Miss Alice, Wow! I received my package yesterday with my soaps and Money Drawing Oil. I am so impressed by the quality of the oil. It is absolutely amazing, and smells WONDERFUL! Because it smelled so delicious, I put some on my hands and went to bed last night. I could feel the chakras in my hands vibrating! What is the best way to use this oil? I am anointing my third eye, throat, base of neck and palms of my hands......any other suggestions? Thank you so much for such a GREAT product. Love and blessings! Shelli S.

Hi I ordered some come to me oil for same sex guy for guy again. I must say your oils are excellent. Thank you. M. Wilson

Hello Rev Frank, Am so happy I have received my lucky mojo bag today. Thank you so much, I appreciate all that you have done for me. It just came like magic and I even have it on my neck now. I saw the manual with it on how to recharge and cleans it monthly, but please I still need a lot of spiritual guardians from you on how and what to do to ensure an unending luck and success in my live. I really want you to be my spiritual master, I will call on you any time I have a problem for guardians on how to handle things. Am so proud of you and I love you. Please if there is anything you know that I should do to maintain a steady flow of money luck and protection against all evil in my life please you must have to direct me on it. God Bless you C. Ufomadu (Ghana)

Hi, I ordered a few more oils. Fire of love and irresistible are guy for guy. I must say again your oils are excellent, my other half is a little shy so i am trying things to get the fire lit .again thank you so much. Mr. W. 

Thanks. Nice to get good, old fashioned personal service look forward to placing more orders. Regards, Eliot C. 

Hello, Miss Alice.
The order you shipped out Friday arrived safe and sound first thing this morning.
Thank you for the wonderful service. I deeply appreciate the care and efficiency of your company and will most certainly recommend Augustine's Spiritual Goods to everyone. Your service, quality and prices all rate 100% and please feel free to quote me on this. Blessings, Rev. E. M. C. 

Hi Miss Alice, Your advice to go with the Double Deluxe was right on the mark. What luck to come across your website. Do you how many sites there are selling similar products that do not work? The first month anniversary is tonight and I have won over $359 . Question 1 I missed a few baths (due to time) are the foot baths just as effective? Question 2 I also added nightly lighting a candle and thanking and acknowledging the spiritual forces attached to the mojo. Thanks Ian D.

Hello! I greatly appreciate all of your help! your instore candle burning services have served me well! I was offered a wonderful opportunity to go on a deployment to Cuba which will be really great for my career in the Navy! I have found peace, love, happiness, and wonderful opportunities! Thank you and Blessed be!!! Peace and blessings!!! Aaron P. 

Hello Miss. Alice, I am happy to report that J. has returned to his wife and home yesterday. Full of apologies and shame. We don't know how to thank you but one day we will. May God continue to bless you. Regards C.P.

I got the package. Thank you so much for shipping as quickly as you could. The merchandise quality is aces and the instructions are good and clear. Thank you for including what I needed for the rituals. I have ordered a 7 day candle from you too and look forward to finishing my ritual....Thank you again. Kristen H. 

Rev. Frank Papa Doc, I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for the time you spent with me last Saturday. Your comments and observations were dead on in every respect. I have taken your advise seriously and as a result took a risk that has paid dividends. I'm sure I'll be back in touch in the future. I had a good feeling about you when we met 16 or so years ago and it seems my intuition was good then and remains so now. I know you are busy so I won't go into specifics. Thanks again, I wish you and Miss Alice love, health, light. Pure energy and happiness! Thanks again, Eldon S. Chicago IL.

Hello, I ordered from you recently and just thought I should send my compliments for your fast shipping. Also, I've just tried your bath floor wash to mop my floors, and though as a soap formula it's very good. It doesn't leave the floor all spotty like most soap here does, we've got hard water and tile floors. Talia 

Your help has been invaluable. Many thanks. Blessings Susan

Hey Miss Alice, your oils and the products are awesome, smells nice and has a very good vibration. Have done some small candle rituals with super good results.. so thumbs up for your products. Jonas F. 

Dear Lucky Hoodoo, you have the most beautiful altars I have ever seen. They are so beautiful I plan to have some rituals for myself to open my doors. I feel like I spend my entire life helping everyone but me. I will be ordering some rituals for my self soon. Thank you so much. Peace and love. Rebecca M. 

Hello Miss Alice, Thank you for responding. I checked the mail today and my box was there. I appreciate the speedy shipment and your response. Hunter C.

Blessings! My products arrived today. I have never had beeswax candles before, and they are fascinating, the molten wax pools look like honey, and the way they are rolled is so different! I am also burning my marriage candle, and tonight I will use my frankincense and myrrh bath soak. I believe they will all work. Thanks for the successful shipment that was seen to - it is so nice to find an American company that ships worldwide. The goods could not come fast enough for my liking - even the gardener was ready to dance a jig when they arrived!Love, luck, blessings, and peace, Debbie M. 

Thanks so much Miss Alice, I sure felt the difference this morning in my energy level and how I generally felt. It must be the candles and yours and Papa Doc's prayers. Thanks so much Miss Alice! I appreciate the service you provide. It is so nice to have candles lit as it is not always possible for me to light at home. Blessings and Abundance David A.

Hello Miss Alice, I received your products Saturday and the bulk of the order on Monday. I am already seeing results. Please put up a testimonial page so I can tell everyone about your great products. Your products are awesome! I will be getting some Mojo bags soon and some stuff for my family members !!! Wishing you continued success, Sherry F. 

Hello, I am so glad I found your website. I was using Anna Riva, Lucky Mojo and Indio Oils and not getting any results. I concluded that these oils are just dye and fragrance. I ordered some of your oils and bath wash after finding out that your company uses real herbs and essential oils in your products. I am very excited to receive your products. I added a second order containing Uncrossing wash and I am hoping it will be included in my first order. Thank you for providing a higher standard of products. Sincerely A. 

Hi I just ordered a few things. In the new order is Come To Me oil...same sex male/male and an Irresistible oil...same sex male/male. Other oils are in the order to. You guys are the best! Thank you Reggie H. 

Hello Miss Alice, I'm sure you have already gotten this feedback but I have noticed that the incense you sell, a very tiny amount produces thick, thick fumes that you can still smell strongly days later. Fantastic stuff! Thanks! Alex N.

Hello Miss Alice I just purchased a $10.00 Bring Back Mate candle to be burned on an altar in your store. The monthly love ritual is working very well! I am meeting new men and started dating again. Thank you so much! Susan L. 

Hello, I just ordered a 4 month In Store Candle Burning Service with your company, and I have had great success. You guys are wonderful!!. Ashley B.

Hello Papa Doc and Miss Alice, want to thank you for being there, for your help and advice. Since I’ve been burning candles on the love altar Marcel’s attitude towards me is much better, kinder, thanks again. Lashanta R.

Dear Miss Alice your incenses are wonderful, sweet and deep, relaxing, drove them devils right from under my roof and doorstep, will use them always. Tanya 

Say Pap Doc, damn if you ain’t right, them oils smoking, especially your sweet green money, took them slots last night to the cleaners, got my 9 hundred and got out, talk later. Dante W. 

Miss Alice, your love altar is powerful, genuine, heart felt, real, my nature has been restored and my luck with men improving. Thank you for your help. Donna 

Dear Papa Doc, ain’t nobody got oils like you got, strong, long lasting, especially your Magnetism oil. You is truly old school, what I been looking for. Get more later. Nathan W.

Dear Miss Alice, I was pleased that your spell powders are made the real way, with powered roots and herbs mixed in. All you get from them other places is plain talcum powder. I look forward to sampling your other magical products real soon. Martha S.

Dear Papa Doc and Miss Alice, my package just arrived, and so fast, I can’t wait to get started, god did it smell good, thanks and blessings. Carolynn Hennes

Dear Miss Alice, I got my mojo workin thanks to your gambles luck mojo bag. It’s really been helpful. I don’t leave home without it. Many thanks. Tony C.

Dear Miss Alice, your washes are the best. They’ve been helpful in breaking my negativity, clearing away troublesome people and improving my love life. Cant wait to get more. Miranda S. 

Lucky Hoodoo, just love all your products. After using yours can’t go back to that cheap stuff. I am so happy your are there and are so helpful. My blessings Kenisha R. 

Well my mojos are working great they have done so much yesterday i went to the casino and won big the bell kept going off on machine constantly I'm so impressed with the Rootworkers Bag and the others as well much success...I'm curious is there anything such as a lifetime mojo bag because i know in time these well probably get worn out and have to be re-done...And my Rootworkers Bag has made my spiritual work much easier I'm definitely gonna want another one in the near future but i can't say exactly when yet...But thank you guys so much my thoughts and prayers are with you guy's and I'm wishing much success. Stay Blessed! I will definitely keep in touch...Peace A.J.

Say Papa Doc, I just got my oils and mojo bag with the candles. I used em like you said. I’ve got a job interview tomorrow, please pray for me. Walter Sweet

Dear Miss Alice, I sincerely believe that your altar of Powerful Protection saved my life, removing all those jinxes and curses from around me. I will burn on it as often as I can. My many many many thanks. Donatella R.  

Dear Papa Doc and Miss Alice, I send special blessing out to you for your help and support. Attendance in my church is up and things are getting much better since I’ve used your blessing incenses and washes, and that mojo bag, the one for magnetism, seems to make people love me. Your spiritual friend, Rev. Jamie Parrish

Dear Miss Alice, your shut your mouth incense, oil, and candles have truly worked to shut the mouths of those against me! Praise Jesus, and blessing to you and the Papa Doc. E. Johnson

Brother Papa Doc, you were right about that Sweet Green Money oil and Sex Machine oil. My nature has been restored. What should I get next? Big Willy, your brother down in Tennessee.

Dear Papa Doc, you are really old school, something that’s now gone for the hoodoo. As you said, High John the Conqueror, Van Van, and holy Hyssop oil and you can never go wrong. I wear all three every day. Will be in touch. Troy J.

Dear Miss Alice. I love your love altar. It’s beautiful and inspiring. It’s helped so much in my love life with my husband and boyfriend. Look forward to burning on it again. Thanks. Joyce F. 

Mr. Papa Doc, I am now smooth since I got my money/gamblers mojo bag. The man is back! Shark Tylar

Dear Miss Alice, since I’ve been burning candles on your altar of cleansing, purification, and exorcism, the demons have left my son. He is back with his wife and back to work. The evil that surrounded him has all been put in jail. Oh thank you so much Miss Alice. You will always be in my prayers. Maria Granada San 

Dear Miss Alice, I got my promotion, and a raise. I will always burn Road Opener candles. Thanks many times over for your help. Mia, M. 

Dear Miss Alice, your exorcism incense and oils are the best. It has purged the evil from my house and my life. I will always use it, even when things are going well, just in case. You have been very helpful and I thank you. Emily J. London, England.

Dear Papa Doc, I’ve used your return evil to sender oil, mojo bag, candles and oil, and damned it they ain’t thrown those evil people out of the building. I can sleep nights and I thank you. Your friend in the Bronx, Maurice R.

God I can’t believe it. Dear Miss Alice, I used your love me spell powder last night at the club, touching this guy that I’ve been dying for all summer. I put it on my hands and touched his back with it. In just one hour he was all over me, drooling. My sox got knocked off , really! I can’t wait to try your other sex stuff, especially the oils and powders. Madonna M. New York.

Greetings Papa Doc, my humble thanks. I use your come back to me oil and burn the candles, and my wife’s attitude towards me is softening. Seeming willing to forget the wrong I’ve done her. We’re going to dinner tomorrow night. Oh Papa Doc keep your finger crossed. Jose. Dallas TX.

Hi Miss Alice Just to let you know that I have received my mojo bag today. I am so impressed with the delivery time especially as I live in England. The package is securely wrapped. I will let you know how I get on with it. Thank you very much. S.C. England

Call it what you will! Dear Miss Alice and Papa Doc, Me and my friends don’t really believe but just want to have fun, but since we’ve been using your love oils, especially the sex machine, god have we been getting lucky. None of us go out with out it. Got to get more! Sonia, hot in New York city. Thanks…

Dear Miss Alice, blessings and thanks to you. My health has been improving since I’ve been burning candles on your health and healing altar. I feel so much better. Thank you for your help. Delores M. Santa Fe, NM.

Dear Miss Alice, just your being there, your advice and wisdom has helped me get through difficult times, and your products are always simple and effective, especially your faith cure washes. They have brought my soul back from the dead. Juanita G. Houston TX

Dear Papa Doc, since you gave me that fast luck mojo bag and oils, god have things been getting better for me, my luck is much improving. Friends laugh, but I laugh back at them cause I know. Looking forward to a better life. I sleep with my bag under my pillow. Thanks brother. Anthony J. Chicago.

Dear Miss Alice and Papa Doc, is there anything sweeter than getting a package of good luck and love from you? I Don’t think so. Thank you so much for your help and advice. Donata L. Hope, Arkansas

Hi There, I just submitted my order for the Lunar Eclipse/Harvest Moon Ritual Service and I wanted to know can I send a picture? I also wanted to let Frank Papa Doc know that he was accurate in my reading and I can use my crystal ball again!! Thanks again for the motivation and I will be ordering the mojo bag he recommended. Take care! Lucretia

Dear Miss Alice, I just love your lucky gambler oil and incense. Just caught a large pick four. Will be calling soon for other recommendations. Thanks much. Lolly M. Kentucky

Dear Miss Alice, since I’ve been anointing my mother with your peace, healing, and blessings oil, she is much improved, her health and attitude so much calmer and hopeful. Oh how I thank you for your help. Michelle K. Memphis TN

Dear Miss Alice, your washes and spiritual baths are just wonderful. Just got my package today, and can’t wait to do my daily foot baths. I go out into the world feeling better. Blessings, Dora W. Chicago.

Dear Papa Doc, I sprinkle your protection powders, spray your oils across my business doorstep every day and it’s working. The evil intent of my enemies is going away. They cannot defeat me. Will be in touch soon for stronger if needed protection remedies. Sincerely the Honorable Rev. K. J.

I just wanted to send you an email telling you how pleased I am with the bag i ordered from you. It is fantastic and started making changes in my life almost instantly. I was so happy that I just ordered another one. I can't wait to receive it. I want to tell you that I first became aware of the power of voodoo while I was a captain in the army living in Africa. I saw some amazing things there that have forever changed my life. Thank you for being true to the religion. David

Dear Miss Alice, Since I’ve been using your sex oils, I’m more in control of the men I meet, instead of it being the opposite. Can’t wait to try your controlling oil and do as I say oil. Thanks much. Ivana S. San Francisco CA.

Dear Miss Alice, just received another package of your magic. I thank you for your quality and for being there. Sincerely, Michelle. New York.

Dear Papa Doc, remember me James? The man cursed? I follow every day what you told me to do, enabling me to bury the past and all it’s bad luck and misfortune. Thing are now happening for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Marcellus T. Bronx NY.

Dear Miss Alice, the love mojo bag you sent me is wonderful. God the looks I get. I may turn out to be the child in the candy store. Going to send for more love oil soon. Thanks so much. Lashonda W. Dayton, Oh.

Papa Doc, thank you for helping me through my troubled times. I’m doing much better. That evil woman finally shutting her mouth. I look forward to trying to open my road, as you have recommended. Leon S. 

Hi, I've tried the rest, and now I've got the BEST. Thank you for offering legitimate Products that Work Blessings to you, Miss Alice Issam B.

Dear Papa Doc and Miss Alice, here in Paris, we have tried your love oils, in fun, just to see, and call it what you will, they seem, no not seem, but are working. I ask you, Is this love or is it magic? Fondly, your friends in France. P.S. Do we dare to get more?

Dear Miss Alice and Papa Doc, thanks for being who you are, down to earth and gritty, for not pushing that la la land bullshit. You guys are real, never giving idealistic, unrealistic advice. Your advice is look both ways before you cross the street, and always be on the alert for evil, that love can be false, and that above all else, learn to trust yourself, your own inner voice. Every morning when I anoint myself with High John the Conqueror oil, I remember your teachings. Thank you from my heart. Sonny Boy J. citizen of the world.

Hello Miss Alice You lit two candles for my brother. A road opener and business success. My brother has a very good job with a excellent company and he is attracting more clients for his personal training business. Many thanks S. Chohan

hello, I just wanted to tell you that I already had some results with my petition thank you :) ! Lucie G.

Hello-I received the beautiful star charm amulet today, and it is just beautiful! I am very pleased with it, and you may count on my return business-Many thanks-Rae

Good Day Miss Alice, Just to let you know that when got back today, my package was here. I haven't been able to open it as I have my daughter and fiance' here. I'm so excited because today I handed in my resignation which was scary to say the least. So seeing my package lifted my spirits. Can't wait to get started. Thank you so much. Belinda S.

It was a ‘WOW’ to receive an email that notifies me to go collect my
package, knowing that I only expected package from you, I was so happy
and unbelieving that my package is already in Canada within just a
week... David R. Canada

I'm so excited since I got my last order from you guy's my new mojos have been working excellent!! .. A. Jackson Hoodoo man
Hi Miss Alice, Would just like to send this email to thank you greatly for the products you provided. I'm in the process of making a connection with my mojo bags and I feel safer already. I've searched so long for such quality products and you have exceeded my expectations...Elijah B.

I bragged about how well your work helped me. I have to send you all that had transpired after all had literally reversed on all 5 of those people! It took time, but HOLY COW! I'm talking sucks to be them and how does it feel to be treated like that! Anyhow, from the bottom of my heart a hug and thank you to you Miss Alice and all with you. Conjure Man Paulie

First I'd like you to know I received all the products I ordered and I'm obsessed with them. I love all the oils. Where were you all my life!  I'm glad I found your website. I am truly happy! Christine O,

I want to say thank you for the advice you gave me a few months ago about an ex and his brother. I’ve separated myself from them both & focused on me & my own healing for a couple months . Throughout those months I realized how toxic I was becoming while associating myself with them so it was good to finally free myself from that. Thank you again for your advice and I am happy to say that once I forgot about my ex and focused on me and my healing I was able to find someone new & better that appreciates me .
THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I can’t thank you enough for telling me the T R U T H about a situation. Yes it was hard to hear at the time but I needed to hear it . Thanks. Nichelle H.

Just wanted to tell you that when these services were performed, every last one was fulfilled! I know it was The Work because my car was stranded for almost a week and in the beginning because the dealership was giving me the runaround. they made a huge mistake when they had previously repaired my car and I live almost 100 miles [2 hours away] from this particular dealership. They initially were trying hard NOT to pay for towing my car all that distance.
Once the candles kicked in my car was finally picked up, and they even did some extra repairs on my car. THANKS and God Bless! DLS

I'm just checking in with you and letting you know i got my social security card! I got a little extra money too so was just letting you know things are working out. Fatimah V.

Hey there! I purchased oils from you all and I love the potency of the oils which lasts a long time during the day. I’m emailing to inquire any of the love or attraction oils that has the sweet, floral, fresh, or vanilla scent. I want an oil that smells intoxicating that is sure to turn heads as I walk by. Thank you I am so excited! Aaron M.

I've ordered candles to be burned on your altars over the last few months, and last week I received my first order of Lucky Hoodoo oils. I've been using several other brands of Hoodoo Conjure/Condition oils but since I'm getting low on them, and have had such great results from the candles you've burned for me, I decided to try some Lucky Hoodoo oils, and I absolutely love them! Not only do all 5 oils I ordered smell heavenly, they are SO powerful! In just 5 days of using your oils to anoint myself & my husband, and using them on candles for workings, I've had amazing results! I've already placed two more orders for your oils and can't wait to get them, lol!  Cynthia M.

Miss Alice, Your email was accurate. You’re right, when it burned with a high flame, he came to me. Afterwards, I felt bad and doubt on my part played a role. I did what you said and stepped back a few months to give it time. I do know what I want now. I will be placing an order soon. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. You are fantastic. Regards,Evelyn R

HI, i wanted to thank you!! my business has increased since you lit my better business candle!! thank you so much. phedra

Miss Alice thank you so much for the vial of your most treasured possession. I’m so sooo happy. Today was a really good day. I’m keeping faith for something in particular. Your treasures for me words could not define. I was hopeless and your talents gave me strength. I am a dedicated customer of yours. God bless your hearts over there in lucky hoodoo products. Paulie K.

Merry meet, Thank you for your response. Since receiving "Fortuna," I have been wearing My bag while working all day. I talk to My bag ALL DAY and opportunities keep happening. I'm even finding cash in the weirdest of places. I currently work in private landscaping around multi million dollar estates, and people have been throwing lucrative opportunities My way and I don't have to spend any of My money to get started. Ideas have even sprung up like weeds which have opened My eyes to new concepts. I thank you for helping Me in a major way. I'm grateful for you and My "Fortuna." Blessed Be- Luis Rojo III

I'd had you do some candle burning for me. One was for my cousin that'd had a bit too much to drink and got caught. The other for my brother with a bad divorce with a psycho. The cousin got her DUI charge dropped to reckless driving with community service and driving school and let her use the service she'd been doing anyway. The brother? She went from wanting his motorcycle, him pay for her car and insurance completely, and $10k to him just paying for her car only until November. So I call that success! Thank you!  Missy Mia

Thanks so much Dear Miss Alice! I am so great full for your reports, your suggestions and your honesty ! I am very thankful to you and everything you do for me ! Thanks sooo much Sincerely Lovely S.

The parcel of bath washes arrived today in perfect condition! I opened a lot of them and blended one cap full of each into an emptied out water bottle and tipped it over my head in the shower. OMG! So powerful!!! I was straight into the clay studio cleaning it out as it was possible to get past the heavy psychic intrusions and other stuff in that space... been up all night clearing the room and now tit's usable again. Thank you so much!!!  Raven A.

Fast shipping, guaranteed results, you guys are the best! Keep it up. I. Muscles