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      The Hoodoo Conjure Doll service is performed using a conjure doll also know as a poppet or voodoo doll.  The target is represented by the doll which is dress and stuffed with the appropriate mixture of herbs, root pieces and powders. This service can be performed for any purpose: love, money, success, cleansing, healing etc.  Note:  This service has a choice of ONE or TWO conjure dolls.  Each target needs to be represented by a conjure doll. If more than two dolls are needed please email us for pricing and instructions.

      • Choice of one fixed hoodoo conjure doll or two fixed hoodoo conjure dolls
      • Consecration of the altar
      • Offerings of tobacco and liquor
      • Incense
      • Dressed/fixed molded wax candle (type varies according to service) 
      • Parchment ritual seal
      • Burn analysis and recommendation
      • Emailed photos 10 - 12 
      In the petition box enter the name, gender and birth date of the person(s) who the ritual is for along with a very brief description on what you want the outcome to be. An email confirmation of your scheduled date along with a request for any additional information needed will be sent to you. Photos of your ritual are emailed the first Monday following the service

      Send all photos (limit of 2) in a SEPARATE EMAIL, not in a thread.
      Send as an ATTACHMENT only
      Send in JPEG FORMAT no larger than 80 KB

      NOTE: All photos remain the exclusive COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY of Setting Lights Inc. you may not reproduce, share, copy or post any photos of this service. 

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