Candle Burning Service - Venus Love Altar


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      Burn upon this altar prayer candles to increase the love, passion and sex within your relationships.  Enhance the romance in your life. Attract a lover, start a love affair, began a new relationship or friendship and to receive a marriage proposal.  This altar is also used for reconciliations and to return a lost lover to you.

      CANDLE RECOMMENDATIONS:  Below is a list of popular candles to choose from OR TYPE IN THE NAME OF ANY OTHER CANDLE YOU WANT:

      • Obsession Love Candle
      • Venus Candle
      • Commit To Me Candle
      • Attract Magnetism Candle
      • Think of Me Candle
      • Marry Me Now Candle
      • Lover Return Candle
      • Love Binding Candle
      • Tame (Lamb) Candle
      • Love Drawing Candle
      • Erzulie Freda Candle
      • Attraction Candle
      • Adam/Eve Lovers Candle
      • Come To Me Candle
      • Bring Happiness Candle
      • Reconciliation Candle
      • Love Honey Candle
      • Love Spell Candle

      Starting date notification will be sent from Lucky Hoodoo Products within two days of ordering.  Candle Burning Reports are sent to the email address you have provided on your order within one week after your candle has expired.

      NOTE: Reports are currently only available with the One Candle and One Month service options.

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