Mojo Bag Root Workers


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      Professional conjure mojo fixed and prepared exclusively for root workers. Use for all rituals, spells, exorcisms and ceremonies. All purpose mojo used to ensure that one, "be open to the spirit" while performing traditional hoodoo services. Fixed and prepared with whiskey soaked tobacco, black cat bone, High John root, Southern John root, Chewing John root, devil’s shoestring, Solomon’s Seal, dragon’s blood resin,  Wahoo bark, coffee bean, mojo beans and lucky hand root then anointed with Frankincense and Basil oil. This mojo is then passed through the smoke of a specially prepared blend of tobacco incense. Most popular and highly recommended by a great majority of root workers and clients who have great success while performing their hoodoo services.

      AVAILABLE TRIPLE STRENGTH ONLY:  Fixed and prepared with triple the variety of oils, herbs, roots and minerals. Includes two talismans (choice based on availability) three Hoodoo Root Oils and easy to read instructions.

      All mojos are custom prepared at the time of purchase using quality oils, herbs, roots and minerals. The proper herbal mixture is anointed with hoodoo oils, packed into a genuine leather bag and tied with cord. The mojo is then passed through the smoke of Black Tobacco Frankincense to cleanse, charge and energize it.

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