Incense - Frankincense Resin Dragon's Blood Cinnamon Oil


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      Our specialty blend of Frankincense resin, Dragon's Blood resin and Cinnamon oil formulated for better business, success and prosperity rituals. Use daily or as an offering while performing rituals to the saints and spirits. Pass all mojo bags, voodoo dolls, amulets and talismans through the smoke of incense to cleanse and recharge them. Can be used for candle dressing.

      Lucky Hoodoo incense is made of pure resin, woods and herbal powders and must be burned on charcoal, it is not a self-igniting incense. We have formulas for every type of incense available. If you don't see what you're looking for we'll custom blend it for you.
      Available in 2 oz. tin. Charcoal burning instructions included.
      Three Kings Charcoal available in our incense section.
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