Ritual Candle - Devil


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      Devil candles are used to invoke the presence of Satan while performing rituals and magical ceremonies. The choice of wax color helps direct the energy of the candle towards the type of ritual you are working on. Choose the color of the wax to represent the condition or situation you are working on. Inscribe the wax with names or key words that apply to your request, this is done by carving into the wax with a knife or needle. Anoint the candle with oils and herbal powders in preparation for whatever type of candle burning ceremony you are performing.

      Red: Use for strong love spells to invoke passion, lust and vitality into the relationship. Personal use would be assertiveness, courage, energy and creativity in a marriage.

      Black: Use to end a relationship and move on with the separation, releasing the unwanted connection and bond.  Personal use would be for protection, self-defense, banishing and breaking bad habits in a marriage.

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    • Variant: Red