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Roots, Herbs and Minerals

No ritual is complete without the use of roots and herbs. Both root workers and trained occult practitioners work with the belief that medicinal and spiritual properties exist within ever root and herb that grows on the earth. Practical use of roots and herbs in any ritual may vary but most often they are boiled and strained when adding to baths, mixed into conjure bags, stuffed into voodoo dolls, blended into sprinkling powders and burned with incense resin to either remove, control or draw in the spiritual forces they represent.

Packets are 3 X 5 in size and filled full volume on green herbs, leafs and rose buds. half volume on brown roots, beans, seeds and other buds. Other whole roots, beans etc. priced individually.

Tins are 2oz size filled full volume.

Used by all great mediums to enhance psychic vision and contact with spirits of the dead. Burn a mixture of Acacia Flowers, Black Candle Tobacco and Dragon's Blood Resin during seances and while performing arts of clairvoyance.
2oz. tin $7.00

Use to remove curses, break spells and avert the Evil Eye. Boil in water a mixture of Agrimony, Lavender and Sage, strain and pour into bath water to remove all evil curses, hexes and jinxes.
$3.00 packet
Used to draw money and success into a bus
iness. Also add to any love drawing herbs to increase sexual attraction. $3.00 packet
Used to invoke the aid of evil spirits. Mix with Vesta Powder and burned to produce the immediate appearance of any Spirit.
2oz. tin $8.00
Attracts all benevolent spirits and draws in all good things. Mix with Rose Petals and Allspice Powder to use as a strong love drawing mixture.
$3.00 packet
Use for Spiritual blessings, protection and uncrossing. Burn with Frankincense Tears to invoke your guardian angle or mix with Dragon's Blood Powder for Angel Magic.
$4.00 packet
When mixed with Chamomile herb it is know as a Lucky Hand Rub and used winning when gambling or playing any games of chance.
2oz. tin $6.00
Know as Devil’s Dung use for exorcism, cleansing, protection, power and control, if mixed with Blood Root and Grave Yard Dirt it can be used for cursing.
2oz. tin $12.00
Use for blessings and to mend broken friendships and love relationships. A Lucky Mojo Bag made up entirely of Balm of Gilead Buds and anointed with Rose Otto will produce an aura of personal magnetism no one can resist.
$4.00 packet
All purpose herb that will produce happiness, peace, protection and prosperity.
$3.00 packet
Know as Bay Laurel this leaf is used for protection, wisdom and to ward off the Evil Eye. Carry in a Red Flannel Bag along with a Red Tiger Eye Stone to stop envy and gossip.
$3.00 packet
Use to draw money and luck into your pocket! Bayberry herb sprinkled around your home will bring prosperity into your life.
$3.00 packet
Strong spirit offering. By placing tobacco on all your ritual altars you are sure not to offend them. The Spirits always need to be feed an offering of liquor and tobacco before they will even listen to your request for help.
$5.00 packet
Use in all rituals and spells for protection and when you are at the casino carry Black Snake Root for a lucky roll of the dice. Mixed with Black Candle Tobacco for good luck! May be used for cursing if mixed with Witches Grass and anointed with Hemlock Oil.
$5.00 packet
Use for peace and protection in the home. Mix with Lavender and Life Everlasting, anoint with Pine Oil and sprinkle in each corner of the house or place in bowl at each entrance of the home.
$3.00 packet
Important root which should be used in all Black Arts Rituals. Add to all recipes for cursing and hexing. Use a mixture of Damiana and Blood Root anointed with Patchouli Oil to increase sexual activity in your lover.
$8.00 packet
Known as a Horse Chestnut this bulbous nut is used for gambling, steady work and to enhance the male nature. Anoint with Fire of Love Oil and place under your lover's pillow to promote long love making sessions.
Whole $3.00 each
Use to dream your lucky numbers while you sleep at night. To do this place Calendula Flowers under your pillow and at the foot of you bed under the bed sheets. When using for legal matters and to win your court case carry a mixture or High John Root, Calendula , and Cascara Sagrada Bark anointed with High John Oil in a red flannel bag.
$3.00 packet
Known as "Sacred Bark", this herb is used for legal matters and to win your court cases. Boil this herb in water, strain and then let it cool down. Place in small vial or bottle along with Holy Water and some Black Candle Tobacco and let stand overnight. When going to court rub some on hands and back of neck, this will help you win in court. $5.00 packet
A very playful herb used for love, foreplay and sexual attraction. Place herb in bottle containing Sweet Grass Oil, let stand overnight. Anoint your body with this oil mixture to promote long sessions of foreplay before sex.
$3.00 packet
Use as a Lucky Hand Wash or Bath which will remove bad dreams and money jinxes. Boil Chamomile herb in water, strain and add to your bath water or place in container and store in refrigerator to use as a hand rub or body splash.
$3.00 packet
Used to induce psychic visions or to remove sickness or mental problems. Boil Coltsfoot in water, strain and then soak small towel in mixture. Ring out towel and place on forehead before you go to bed, this will help increase your psychic visions. If dealing with sickness or mental problems boil a mixture of Coltsfoot Herb and Peppermint Herb, strain and then mix in pieces of camphor block. Let cool to room temperature and then soak your feet in it for at least 20 minutes. Remove feet, do not towel dry let them air dry.
$3.00 packet
Use for safety while traveling. Place Comfrey Herb and Black Cat Bone in red flannel bag along with prayer card or medal of St. Christopher, anoint bag with St. Michael Oil for added protection.
$3.00 packet
Know as "Witches Grass" this herb is used in Breakup Rituals and for preparing and stuffing a Voodoo Doll that will be used for curses. Voodoo Doll Curse Stuffing Recipe: mix in small bowl equal amounts of Witches Grass, Blood Root, Dragon's Blood Powder and Patchouli Herb and anoint mixture with Hemlock Oil. Stuff into Voodoo Doll along with name of person written on small piece of parchment paper using Bat's Blood Ink.
$4.00 packet
Used to increase sexual nature and make your lover return. Mix small portion of Damiana herb into honey an serve to you lover on toast or in tea. This will increase their sexual desires toward you.
$3.00 packet
Used in image magic, and for both protection or gambling. Strong Hoodoo root favored by root workers for it's quick action in all these matters. For protection wall amulet, select large piece of devil's shoestring root and secure an avert evil eye talisman to it by dripping red Bee's wax under and around the talisman till it sticks. Anoint with Evil Eye Root Oil and pass through purification incense then hang inside the front door of your house.
$5.00 packet
Used for inner vision, prophecy. A mixture of eye bright herb and lavender buds, anointed with wormwood oil and stuff into a satin bag should be placed under your pillow to increase prophetic dreams and prevent evil spirits from visiting you at night.
$5.00 packet
Used in Purification Incense and oils this strong aromatic leaf is also used to ward off Evil. Eucalyptus oil rubbed on the soles of your shoes will help prevent you from being jinxed, crossed or hexed.
$4.00 packet
Known as Cinquefoil, this grass is used for good luck and gambling. Seen by many root workers as the Hand of Assistance Herb, its powers are utilized in cases of warding off evil and bringing good luck into you life.
$3.00 packet
Known as African Guinea Pepper these small round grains are used for protection and prosperity. On the darker side they can also be used to jinx your enemies. To jinx your enemy one must first spit on a hand full of the grains and then curse using the name of your enemy. Then throw the jinxed grains in an area where that person will walk. The Souls (soles) of the Feet will absorb the jinx sending it through their body.
$8.00 packet
This root is the beautiful plant known as Joe-Pie. It can be used to get a job, raise or promotion. Flower tops can be cut and placed within the home for blessings and luck. The cut, dried root should be boiled and added to bath water to increase chances of getting a better job, a raise in pay and a promotion.
$3.00 packet
Wonderful deep red flower used in love drawing rituals and for love dreams. A cup of Hibiscus tea served to your love one in the evening will be tender kisses and affection all through the night. Stuff Hibiscus into a pink satin bag and place under you pillow at night to dream, dreams of love!
$3.00 packet
Hard bulbous root know as King of the Woods and King Root. Used to draw money and sex. One of the most often used roots in hoodoo, this brown wrinkled root emits powers of strength and control. Use in cases of commanding and to achieve success in all you undertake. A must when doing root work. Small $5.00 Large $8.00
Known for it's ability as a sleeping aid tea. These little green flakes, if mixed with valerian, catnip, skullcap and passion flower, will surely send you into a deep peaceful sleep. Can be used to ward off nightmares, ghost and evil spirits that come to you in the night.
$3.00 packet
Herb of the Holy Bible, used for spiritual purification and cleansing. Boiled and strained can be drunk as a tea, added to your bath, burned with your incense and sprinkled around your house for protection. Mix with Eucalyptus leaves and anoint with camphor oil and placed in a red flannel bag will keep all curses, jinxes and hexes away from you.
$3.00 packet
Sweet smelling flower of love, money and psychic dreams. Temples of India burn Jasmine incense as an offering of love. Worn as a oil, one can only expect the best that is offered by the Spirits of Good Luck. Drinking Jasmine Tea before bedtime will increase your psychic abilities while dreaming at night.
$3.00 packet
Place 7 Juniper Berries in a bottle filled with whiskey, let stand for at least 1 month, afterwards drink one shot glass full of mixture before sex to aid in performance.
$5.00 packet
Carry to promote faith and hope. Package of 7 tears
Known as Knotweed this herb is used to bind a lover to you and in any type of spells where you want to control or command. One of the best herbs to work with when stuffing a voodoo doll that represents a person that you want of restrict and control.
$3.00 packet
Aromatic buds used for peace and healing. Just about every dream pillow has lavender buds in it. Oil is used as a calming agent to stop depression and uplift the spirits.
Use for Spiritual Cleansing and to keep enemies away. Main ingredient for making such root oils as Van Van and Hindu Grass. The ancient formula for Chinese Wash consisted of a boiled mixture of Lemon Grass, strained and then added to fresh soapy laundry water.
$3.00 packet
Tiny yellow flowers that promote longevity of life and better health. Mix with lavender buds and hibiscus flowers, boil, strain and drink as a tea.
$3.00 packet
Used for drawing in luck, love, money.
$4.00 packet
Known as Chewing John, Low John and Galangal this root is used to win your court case. Chew small pieces during court spitting into a handkerchief before your case is over will ensure the Judge decides in your favor.
Whole $5.00
Small hand shaped root should be anointed with New Orleans Van Van Oil and placed in a red flannel bag along side a High John the Conqueror Root and a pinch of Five Finger Grass Herb. Knot draw string of flannel bag 7 times and seal shut with green bees wax. Carry this talisman with you to win at all games of chance.
Whole $6.00
Actually May Apple, this root is used in image magic. Especially in love spells where it represents the feminine aspect of magic whereas Patchouli herb represents the masculine aspect in magic.
$5.00 packet
African Wishing Bean carry for good luck.
Whole $1.00
Used by all Mediums, Clairvoyants, Spiritualist and Psychic to help bring about spirit contact. Mix with Frankincense and burned on charcoal.
$3.00 packet
Used frequently as a gambler’s good luck charm. Also available as a fixed and prepared nutmeg gamblers charm which is filled with mercury and sealed.
Whole $.75 cents
Fixed and prepared nutmeg gamblers charm which is filled with mercury and sealed.
$7.00 each
Use for uncrossing and jinx removing. A mixture of Nettles, Frankincense powder, Myrrh powder burned or sprinkled can uncross any curses put upon you.
$3.00 packet
Love potions are made with Orris root powder to attract a marriage proposal. A mixture of Orris root powder, vanilla oil and musk oil create one of the strongest oils to wear when looking for a marriage commitment.
2oz. tin $7.00
Exotic fragrance from India worn to draw in love. Mix with Orange oil and you have the strongest love oils around. Patchouli herb is also used to curse, hex and jinx if mixed with powdered Valerian and red brick dust. $4.00 packet
Rose petals have long been the symbol of love and romance. To draw love into your life place mixture of Rose petals, Damiana herb, and piece of Mandrake root into a bottle filled 1/3 with patchouli oil, 1/3 Orange oil and 1/3 Dragon's Blood Oil.
$3.00 packet
Herb used for Spiritual cleansing and purification. Boil, strain and use as bath or floor wash.
$3.00 packet
For house blessings and prosperity. Dormant plant that when purchased looks dead and dried. Place in bowl and add water to revive this plant to a beautiful green condition, only then can your home be blessed and prosperity drawn in.
Whole $5.00
Use for protection against the Evil Eye. Rue herb anointed with Rosemary oil and placed in a red flannel bag along with a picture or medal of St. Michael will help keep the evil eye off you.
White sage burned while taking spiritual cleansing and purification baths will aid in their strength. Sage scented candles burned in the house keeps it free of evil.
$3.00 packet
Mix Sassafras herb with Honey oil and use for money-holding, better business and big investments deals. This is a mixture that makes money stick and stay.
$4.00 packet
Used in conjure work and ceremonial rituals to draw in the darker side of spirits for assistance with money matters. It is never used for love spells.
$4.00 packet
Best herb around to stop gossip, lies and jealousy. Use as much as possible in the work place if you are being bothered by noisy people. Sprinkle around your place of work or carry in your pocket or purse. May be boil and strain for bath additive. $4.00 packet
Just as King Solomon's wisdom solved many problems using Solomon's Seal will bestow upon you wisdom, insight, respect and the ability to make the correct decisions. Carry in purple satin bag with chucks of Dragon's Blood Resin and John the Conqueror Root.
$5.00 packet
True name is Trillium but it is known as Beth Root, this strange looking root is used for protection. After soaking Beth Root in Frankincense oil for 1 week place in Exorcism Oil to make it stronger.
Whole $5.00
Herb of faithfulness, fidelity and marriage proposals. Blend a mixture of Spikenard herb, Calendula herb and Neroli oil together in a small bottle, let stand for 7 days and then place 3 drops into a small amount of unscented body lotion. Apply this lotion to your body after taking a Cleansing bath to ensure your marriage will last forever and your mate be faithful.
$3.00 packet
Use in all matters of protection and healing. Boil, strain and add small amount to tea made from Hibiscus, lavender and hops. Use for mental problems, depression and insomnia. St. John's Wort sprinkled around the home or placed in the car will protect you from accidents and evil intentions.
$3.00 packet
Know as the Wishing Bean, this vanilla scented bean grants you one wish so make it a good one. Add to all oils of prosperity and success.
Whole $2.00
Used to jinx an enemy or cross them up. Valerian powder blown upon a letter or in the path of your enemy will cross them up and confuse them. Anoint a black candle with Hemlock Oil after you have carved your enemy's name into it. Roll candle in a mixture of Valerian powder, Dragon's Blood powder and patchouli powder then burn during the dark of the Moon. This will put a jinx upon whomever's name is on the candle.
$4.00 packet
Also known as Vervain or Van Van. Traditional herb used to break a jinx during purification rituals. Van Van Herb Oil is also used for gambling.
$3.00 packet
Grassy herb know as Khus Khus. Used for good luck and attraction. Available in powder only.
2oz.tin $7.00
Used for spirit contact and visions. Most often burned as incense to conjure spirits during Exorcisms and Black Art Rituals. Warning! Use of this herb may not be safe for everyone be sure you know what your are doing before you start messing around.
$3.00 packet
Mix 1 tablespoon of Yellow Dock powder into 16 oz. of Van Van floor wash and clean the walkway of your store everyday, this will bring in more money and business.
$3.00 packet

Traditional Hoodoo Recipes

HOUSE CLEANSING: Mix dragons blood resin or powder with Van Van Oil and a pinch of camphor then burn on charcoal. This will ward off any evil that has entered your house. When moving into a new home or apartment use this mixture for seven 7 days straight to remove all evil and negativity from the area.

LOVE DRAWING: prepare a mixture of Dragons Blood resin, Rose Oil, Lavender Oil and crushed Tonka Bean. Let mixture stand for three (3) days. Add 7 drops to your bathe water and then bathe with your lover, this recipe will strengthen the love your mate has for you and increase their sexual desire. Also wear this mixture as a perfume, daily to ensure your mate's love will never weaken again.

DRAGONS BLOOD: to draw in money or win at gambling prepare a mixture of dragons blood chunks, cinnamon powder, five finger grass herb and anoint with green Fast Luck root oil and then place in red flannel bag. To draw in love prepare a mixture of dragons blood powder, red rose petals, a tonka bean, anoint mixture with sweet Honey oil and place in a red flannel bag.

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