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Lucky Hoodoo Spiritual Baths

If you do not keep your aura cleansed of negativity, you need not bother to request, much less expect charity from the spirit guides.

Lucky Hoodoo Spiritual Root Baths are the strongest ones available on today’s market. Each one is made using liquid bath soap, quality herbal powders and essential oils. Try our washes for your next spiritual bath and see a difference in how you feel. Confidence, magnetism and blessings will radiate from you, and remember, the energy you put out is the same energy you will draw in.

Just add seven cap fulls of spiritual wash to your bath water or foot soak. Always burn incense during your spiritual bath and anoint yourself with a spiritual root oil when you are finished, this increases the power of your personal cleansing. For cleaning use a 1/4 cup in your mop water. This will cleanse and bless you whole house, business or church. On door ways and window frames simply dampen a clean fresh cloth with the appropriate spiritual wash and wipe down the wood work, this will keep all evil from entering. For best results use once a week.

spiritual bath wash

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Lucky Hoodoo Spiritual Root Baths 16oz. size $8.00

Abramelin Bath Wash
sacred ritual bath wash used by occultist and magicians when performing ceremonial magic and Divine Magic.

Adam and Eve Bath Wash
use to bind two lovers together forever or bring back a lost love.

African Juju Bath Wash
stimulating love bath wash known to draw intense passion and desire.

Algiers Bath Wash
traditional fast luck formula and alluring fragrance that brings on mystery and intrigue during a Full Moon.

Aphrodesia Bath Wash
ancient formula bath used to arouse passion and lust in the opposite sex.

Asafoetida Bath Wash
known as Devil's Dung, this is a triple strength herbal wash that helps ward off disease and cleanse you from the evil eye, also use to keep away the law.

Attraction Bath Wash
potent bath wash used to draw in love, money, luck and power.

Aunt Sally’s Lucky Dream Bath Wash
use to dream and visualize lucky numbers

Banishing Bath Wash
use to remove unwanted elements from your life especially people

Bend Over Bath Wash
have power and influence over the will of others, make them see things your way, take command.

Bingo Bath Wash
increase your chances of winning at one of the hottest games around, hear your numbers called out like magic.

Black Tobacco Candle Bath Wash
use for protection and to draw in favors from the saints and spirits, a very good wash for all court cases.

Black Cat (Lucky) Bath Wash
fastest and strongest working luck bath wash known to gamblers. Use daily and make Lucky your middle name.

Blessing Bath Wash
most popular anointing bath wash, use to purify altars, candles and ritual tools. Cleanses the soul and brings down blessings upon you when used on the body.

Blue Waters Healing Bath Wash
use to ensure fast healing of the body, mind and soul.

Boss Fix Bath Wash
will cause your employer to look more favorable upon you and increase their professional interest in you.

Buddha Bath Wash
connect with the spiritual guidance and mystical powers of the Buddha, experience good luck and fortune.

Camphor Bath Wash
use for purification and astral projection.

Casino Bath Wash
bath wash of high rollers and winners.

Cedar and Sage Bath Wash
use for spiritual cleansing and strength.
Chango Macho Bath Wash
use to use Yoruba Orisha Chango.

Chupparosa Bath Wash
known as the hummingbird’s nectar of love, this bath wash will ensure any lover to follow you forever.

Cleo May Bath Wash
exotic Voodoo Love bath wash that will enhance your beauty and compel men to fall deeply in love with you.

Cleopatra Bath Wash
experience the beauty, love and riches bestowed upon you just like the Queen of the Nile.

Come to Me Bath Wash
sexually attract lovers to you drawing them closer until they become your total slave.

Commanding Bath Wash
for those who want to be in charge of any person or situation with no questions asked.

Compelling Bath Wash
use to strengthen personal power and coerce other to enforce your every wish.

Concentration Bath Wash
increases mental strength and helps you focus your mind to make correct decisions.

Conjure Bath Wash
used to attract and bring forth those spirits needed to accomplish your intentions.

Controlling Bath Wash
become a master with power to direct any person and make them do what you want.

Court Case Bath Wash
wear for favorable outcome in any court case.

Cut and Clear Bath Wash
use to break the bonds of old relationships

Devil's Shoestring Bath Wash
a luck and success bath wash used exclusively by gamblers and business owners.

Dixie Love Bath Wash
traditional southern style love bath wash formula

Do as I Say Bath Wash
will force someone to act as you want them to.

Domination Bath Wash
gives you the power to rule over any person you choose.

Doves Blood Bath Wash
can invoke peace and calm a person down if an angry situation comes up.

Dragon’s Blood Bath Wash
use for power, strength and to seal written agreements

Drawing Bath Wash
powerful bath wash mixture acts like a magnet bringing anyone or anything to you immediately.

Dream Bath Wash
intoxicating fragrance that will induce peaceful sleepy nights and create prophetic visions.

Evil Eye Bath Wash
wear to protect yourself from the notorious Evil Eye condition.

Easy Street Bath Wash
take a walk up the path to good fortune and happiness.

Fast Luck Bath Wash
increase you luck in a hurry use in any situation where you have no time to waste.

Fast Luck Banana Bath Wash
triple strength fast luck, strong good luck.

Fire of Love Bath Wash
burning passions, burning desire and hot sex flames, set off by this bath wash, will burn forever.

Fiery Wall Of Protection Bath Wash
spiritual protection bath wash
Five Finger Grass Bath Wash
use to gain a favor and bring in good luck.

Follow Me Bath Wash
this bath wash creates an invisible chain that holds whomever you wish to you in never ending servitude and admiration.

Fortune Teller Bath Wash
used by professional magic practitioners who engage in any form of divination.

Frankincense and Myrrh Bath Wash
use for blessings and purification also used to increase psychic abilities and spirit contact.

French Love Bath Wash
bring love and romance into your life European style, La Dolce Vita!

Gamblers Bath Wash
a must for any high roller stop being a loser join the ranks of those who win try this bath wash.

Go Away Evil Bath Wash
use as a floor wash to keep unwanted visitors away from your door and bath in to banish evil from your life.

Goddess Bath Wash
this bath wash creates a high-class impression and an aura of respect so you can be treated like a Goddess.

Golden Wealth Success Bath Wash
used to ensure success in all money matters.
Good Luck Bath Wash
use everyday for general luck in all matters

Has no Hanna Bath Wash
potent drawing bath wash that has a dual purpose, use to bring in both love and money.

Healing Bath Wash
the one and only miracle remedy that has the special power to restore your physical and mental health.

Helping Hand Bath Wash
seen as the Hand of Assistance this bath wash will reach out and rectify all matters and any problems you may have.

Hex Breaker Bath Wash
use to remove all curses, hexes, jinxes and any othe negative conditions

High Altar Bath Wash
holy bath wash that invites benevolent spirits to enter your surroundings use for altar consecration.

High John the Conqueror Bath Wash
for power in gambling love making and good luck.

Hindu Grass Bath Wash
use for good fortune and protection

Hold Your Man Bath Wash
if you doubt your lover’s fidelity this is your bath wash. Enchanting fragrance that will chain him to you.

Holy Bath Wash
ancient sacred bath wash used for personal blessings or mix with water to consecrate candle altars.

Holy Hyssop Bath Wash
use for blessings and purification.
Holy Sweet Basil Bath Wash
associated the loa Erzuli and god Vishnu this wash is used for peace, happiness, love and protection within the home.

Horn of Plenty Bath Wash
strong bath wash specially formulated to bring great wealth.

Hot Foot Bath Wash
hot as the fires of Hell this bath wash is used to run out unwanted neighbors and visitors from your home.

House Blessing Bath Wash
use to cleanse and draw in blessings for the home
I Can, You Can’t Bath Wash
use to prevent someone from out doing you
Indian Spirit Guide Bath Wash
use to draw in Native American spiritual guides of good luck and good fortune.
Intranquility Bath Wash
used to cause confusion and upset a persons life.

Irresistable Bath Wash
use this bath wash and no one will be able to resist your sexual advances, suggestions and invitations.

Isis Bath Wash
become the Egyptian Goddess Of Love and experience the power of history’s most exotic woman.

Jezebel Bath Wash
specially formulated bath wash for the truly liberated woman that does not want to hold back any secret desires.

Jinx Killer Bath Wash
used to stop all jinxes being sent your way

Jinx Removing Bath Wash
use daily to prevent or remove any crossed conditions or negative feeling you have.

Job Bath Wash
need a job want a promotion wish you could be doing something else for a living try this bath wash and get ready.

Ju Ju Bath Wash
known as African Ju Ju bath wash this one is extremely potent causing voracious passion and excitement.

Just Judge Bath Wash
use this bath was before going to court, tip the scales of justice in your favor

Keep Away Evil Bath Wash
protect yourself your home and your loved ones from all sinister forces use as a daily bath wash.

Khus Khus Vetivert Bath Wash
use to draw in all good things a strong uncrossing bath, also used to reverse any jinx, hex or curse.

King Solomon Bath Wash
use to possess ancient wisdom and power unknown to most people on earth and get ahead in life.

Lady Luck Bath Wash
used for good luck in gambling
Lavender and Cedar Bath Wash
use for peace and protection when dealing with all problems of life.
Lavender Peace Bath Wash
use to promote peace, joy and happiness.

Law Stay Away Bath Wash
don’t be caught off guard protect yourself and your home from unwanted visits by the law.

Lottery Bath Wash
this bath wash is a combination of success fast money good fortune and gamblers luck use generously.

Love Drawing Bath Wash
stimulating formula blended to assist you in all matters of the heart particularly a love interest.

Love Drawing (Sweet Pink) Bath Wash
use for friendship and love.
Love Me Bath Wash
powerful love bath wash that makes a person focus on you only
Love Me, Patchoul Bath Wash
ancient love bath formula, exotic original love bath of India culture.
Lucky 13 Bath Wash
traditional luck bath wash used for gambling
Lucky Buddha Bath Wash
used for good luck and good fortune

Lucky Hand Bath Wash
most popular luck bath wash available use for all situations where good fortune is needed.

Lucky Mojo Bath Wash
use often to get your Mojo workin' and draw in all good things

Lode Stone Bath Wash
strong magnetic bath wash used to increase your chances of drawing in good fortune.

Marriage Bath Wash
used to obtain a marriage proposal

Master Bath Wash
extra powerful occult bath wash used for many purposes a must in any bath wash collection.

Master Key Bath Wash
used to gain esoteric knowledge and spiritual guidance

Mediation Bath Wash
strong aid for meditating praying and psychic concentration.

Miracle Magenta Bath Wash
use for special request of a miracle.
Money Drawing (Sweet Green) Bath Wash
our number one all-purpose money drawing bath wash used to drawing big money, prosperity and good fortune.
Moses Bath Wash
spiritual bath wash used to cleanse the soul and give you spiritual strength.
Most Powerful Helping Hand Bath Wash
provides assistance in all matters and helps with solving any problem.
Nature Bath Wash
use to increase sexual performance and vitality
New Orleans Voodoo Swamp Bath Wash
triple strong protection wash. Also used for good luck.

Obeah Bath Wash
strong bath wash used by sorcerers and voodooists in all magical rituals very powerful.

Pay Me Bath Wash
use to draw money to you and to make those who owe you money pay up

Peaceful Home Bath Wash
create calm and tranquility within yourself.

Power Bath Wash
increase your own power to overcome someone’s control over you.

Prosperity Bath Wash
will draw success in business deals and financial matters.

Protection Bath Wash
triple strength formula to ward off all evil and negative attacks.

Psychic Power Bath Wash
consecrated essence that increases supernatural powers and the ability to contact the spirit world.

Reconciliation Bath Wash
use to settle any quarrels and disagreements in a relationship.
Return Evil To Sender Bath Wash
return all evil to sender by using this triple strength strong protection wash protects you against all evil being sent your way.

Reversible Bath Wash
powerful bath wash turns around and reverses any situation to how it was before. Send back all evil conditions being sent your way.

Road Opener Bath Wash
used to open all roads to success and remove any blockages you may have on you
Rosemary and Sage Bath Wash
use for blessings and spiritual cleansing.

Run Devil Run Bath Wash
send evil out the doors of your home never to return.

Sacred Rue Bath Wash
use for protection and spiritual cleansing, also used to help in matters of love and health.
Sanctuary Bath Wash
used to create a peaceful, private feeling removed from all negative influences and helps bring one's emotions under control.

Showers of Gold Bath Wash
use to draw in buckets of money riches and treasures your way.

Seven African Powers Bath Wash
all-powerful luck drawing bath wash from the Seven Saints.

Snake Damballa Bath Wash
mystical hoodoo bath wash used for court cases also known as a excellent protection bath wash that strikes out at evil.

Solomon’s Seal Bath Wash
use for wisdom, clarity of mind and focus. Good for passing any test exam, helps sharpen your mind and increase focus.
Spanish Moss Bath Wash
used when in need of both victory and wealth.

Special #20 Bath Wash
potent occult bath wash used to stop gossip and restore your reputation use when all else fails.

Spell Breaker Bath Wash
ancient witch bath wash used to remove all spells and curses that have been put on you.

Spirit Bath Wash
use to contact spirits from the astral world increase your powers as a clairvoyant or medium.

Spiritual Blessings Bath Wash
use to draw down blessings from the Lord Almighty.
St. Michael's Go Away Evil Bath Wash
use to help fight personal demons and destroy them.
Stay At Home Bath Wash
use to make you mate stay at home and pay more attention to you

Steady Work Bath Wash
keeps you working steady, provides you with the ability to communicate with people on the job or when looking for new employment.

Stop Gossip Bath Wash
used to make family, friends and co-workers stop talking about you behind your back.

Success Bath Wash
time-tested bath wash guarantees victory in all you undertake can also generate money luck and more.

Sweet Grass Bath Wash
attracts loyalty and friendship.
Sweet Honey Bath Wash
draws your lover to you, makes them stick and stay.
Sweet Red Sex Bath Wash
to increase sexual relations.
Three Jacks And A King Bath Wash
used by card players and for other games of chance

Tobacco Bath Wash
strong court case bath wash which can also be used for protection and to increase your good fortune when gambling.

Tranquility Bath Wash
used for peace, harmony, quite and calmness

Uncrossing Bath Wash
helps remove and prevent all crossed conditions hexes curses and evil spells.

Van Van Bath Wash
one of New Orleans oldest and best all purpose cleansing, blessing hoodoo bath washes. Wash you sins away with Van Van.

Venus Love Drawing Bath Wash
strong love drawing wash for marriage and commitment.

War Bath Wash
prepare yourself before all rituals with this bath wash which can also help you withstand all conflicts and chaotic situations.

Wealthy Way Bath Wash
receive financial blessings by letting this bath wash pave the way and open all the roads to prosperity.

White Rose Bath Wash
used to draw in blessing and spiritual strength during times of stress and confusion.
White Sage Bath Wash
use for purification and cleansing and to ward off all evil.

Wisdom Bath Wash
bath wash produces a calm and sedate state of mind which is beneficial for making more accurate decisions.

Wolves Eye Bath Wash
sharpen your senses and your mind have complete awareness toward impending trouble.

Lucky Hoodoo Holy Saint bath washes

Petition the saints for help in all your endeavors. Use Lucky Hoodoo Holy Saint bath washes for dressing candles and anointing mojo bags, amulets and talismans. Wear daily as an offering to your favorite saint or to draw in the different blessings each one has to offer. Anoint your ritual seals in all four corners as an offering and to invoke the powerful blessings of a specific saint in hopes they answer your petitions and prayers.

Lucky Hoodoo Spiritual Root Baths 16oz. size $8.00

All Saints Bath Wash
use to receive general help of all the saints in heaven

Anima Sola Bath Wash
the lonely soul, patron saint of unrequited love use for only the most desperate love spells

Caridad De Cobra Bath Wash
parton saint of Cuba patron saint of personal fulfillment and love for one another

Guardian Angel Bath Wash
use for personal spiritual guidance and protection

Holy Family Bath Wash
use for peaceful home and protection of the family
Holy Trinity Bath Wash
use for blessings from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Infant of Prague Bath Wash
use for blessings, favors and miraculous healing
Jesus Christ (Gran Poder) Bath Wash
use for salvation, guidance and healing from drug addictions
Jesus Malverde Bath Wash
patron saint of drug dealers use for protection from the law
Jose Gregorio Hernandez Bath Wash
patron saint of medicine use for miracles of healing
Just Judge (Justo Juez) Bath Wash
use for justice in all court cases
Lazarus Bath Wash
use for protection against poverty and skin diseases
Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand) Bath Wash
use for aid in all matters
Maria Delorosa Bath Wash
use for healing from sorrow and disappointment
Mary the Blessed Virgin Bath Wash
use for hope, every grace, salvation and blessings
Nino De Atocha Bath Wash
patron saint of prisoners use for release from all that binds us
Our Lady of Grace Bath Wash
use for blessings, forgiveness and the gift of grace
Our Lady of Guadalupe Bath Wash
patron saint of the Americas use for faith and understanding
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bath Wash
use for humility, chastity, and spirit of prayer
Sacred Heart of Jesus Bath Wash
use for divine love and spirituality
Sacred Heart of Mary Bath Wash
use for the salvation of the body and soul
San Cipriano Bath Wash
patron saint of occultist and practitioners of ceremonial magic
San Martin Caballero (of Tours) Bath Wash
patron saint of business owners use for good fortune
Santa Clara Bath Wash
use for the healing of all eye and vision problems and protection against poverty
Santisma Muerte Bath Wash
patron saint of true love relationships and drug dealers use for strong love spells and protection from the law
St. Agatha Bath Wash
patron saint of breast cancer use for cures
St. Anthony Bath Wash
patron saint of sanctity use for parental strength, leadership and guidance
St. Barbara (Chango) Bath Wash
patron saint of armies use for strength and protection
St. Christopher Bath Wash
patron saint of travelers use for protection against storms and plagues
St. Dymphna Bath Wash
patron saint of the suffering use for relief from nervous and mental afflictions
St. Expeditus Bath Wash
use for settlement on disputes and come to an agreement in a hurry
St. Francis of Assisi Bath Wash
parton saint of animals use for care and protection of all creatures
St. Gabriel the Archangel Bath Wash
patron saint of communication and workers
St. Joseph Bath Wash
patron saint of the working man and fathers use for strength and protection
St. Jude Bath Wash
use for improvement on all impossible and difficult cases
St. Marta Dominadora Bath Wash
patron saint of domination and control in all love relationships
St. Martin de Porres Bath Wash
patron saint of barbers, farm laborers and live stock
St. Michael the Archangel Angel Bath Wash
use for protection
St. Nicholas Bath Wash
patron saint of bakers and pawnbrokers
St. Patrick (Damballa) Bath Wash
patron saint of Ireland and destoyer of false prophecy
St. Peter Bath Wash
prince of the apostles and the first supreme pontiff of the Catholic church use for leadership
St. Paul Bath Wash
use for clarity and blessings of the mind and spirit
St. Raymond (San Ramon) Bath Wash
patron saint of business owners use for good fortune
St. Rocco (Roch) Bath Wash
patron saint of invalids use for miracles and healing
St. Theresa Bath Wash
patron saint of inspiration and humility


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