Lucky Hoodoo Products, the Lucky Mojo Bag Company and Setting Lights are three interconnected web stores that share the same shopping cart. This enables you to move freely between all three web stores while using just one shopping cart.

Known worlwide as the Mojo Specialists

Lucky Hoodoo Products carries a full line of mystical products and occult supplies.

The Lucky Mojo Bag Company specializes in traditional southern style lucky mojo bags with easy to read instructions.

Setting Lights provides in store candle burning services, ritual services and candle reports.

All three web stores offer a name you can trust, Lucky Hoodoo brand products. Lucky Hoodoo spiritual root oils are custom blended using pure aromatic essential oils and organic roots and herbs. Our root oil formulas come from old traditional southern style hoodoo recipes, which is why we supply the majority of magical practitioners, ministers and spiritual workers in the country. Lucky Hoodoo spiritual baths are made with herbal powders and pure fragrant essential oils. All of our lucky mojo bags are individually made, one at a time, using an assortment of roots, herbs, minerals and other assorted curios which are anointed with hoodoo rubbing oils and then passed through the smoke of whiskey soaked black tobacco incense. This process is what makes ours the strongest and most unique lucky mojo bags on the market today. Lucky 3 Black Cat Brand incense is made from all natural ingredients. Pure resin incense along with the finest organic herbal powders, spices, flowers and essential oils are blended together to produce the strongest aromatic spiritual church incense available.

Lucky Hoodoo Products, the Lucky Mojo Bag Company and Setting Lights offer you the very best in faith based products and services, custom made to meet the needs of your everyday spiritual life.

Peace and blessings from Miss Alice and Frank.

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Lucky Hoodoo Products   Lucky Hoodoo Products


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